508-526 WEST 26th STREET, STUDIO 7D

Hovey Brock – Thursday January 23, 2013 through Sunday January 26, 2013; noon – 5pm Opening Reception: Thursday January 23, 2013 – 6pm – 9pm


“I was struck by this object hanging on a wall. For a moment my mind just stopped and that thing and I were part of one big field.”

—Elizabeth Murray


My paintings and works on paper are made up of many transparent layers that create an indeterminate space. The colors are intense, yet nuanced. They mimic light, but have density.


I challenge our habits of seeing with deceptively simple images that shift unpredictably under scrutiny.


When a viewer drops ideas of subject and object, the passage of time, the mental chatter that fills our brains, for even a few moments, and sees without filters, then I have succeeded.