508-526 WEST 26th STREET, STUDIO 7D
 SWEET N LOW – Hannah Antalek, Kelley McNutt and Steph Miller – Thursday, February 7th to Sunday, February 16th Opening Reception: Thursday February 7th 6pm – 9pm


     The cultural predisposition to mass consumption has created a society where material objects transcend their physical worth and become signifiers of broader social stature. Forcing distinct roles and expected behaviors, our culture has taught us not only to buy a product but to buy a lifestyle.


     Congruent to this philosophy, Sweet’n Low’s slogan preaches, “The Sweeter The Better” (read, the more we have, the happier we will be). Though the saccharine found in Sweet’n Low may in fact be sweeter than sugar, when consumed in high volumes it can produce a bitter metallic aftertaste. This exhibition seeks to address the aftermath of this cultural causation by reclaiming the imagery that has reinforced these stereotypes and recast them in a manner which questions and subverts their original context.